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Acoustic Curtain System Brochure

Sound Seal's Industrial In-Plant Enclosures are available as complete, partial, or portable enclosures. Enclosure options include sliding door panels, view windows, strip doors, air intake and exhaust ventilation
 baffles, partial or full roof panel systems, and corner strips among many other features. Industrial
sound proofing enclosures and sound proofing screens are available in models BBC or
BSC composite panels and may be supported from our standard track and hardware systems or our
heavy duty structural steel systems.
Enclosures can be floor mounted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or suspended from a roof deck. 
When using a complete four-sided enclosure with a roof, the noise reduction can exceed 20 dB(A) while still offering access, visibility and ventilation. 

Partial Enclosures such as a barrier wall, two or three sided enclosure, or a four sided enclosure without
a roof can offer noise reduction exceeding 15 dB(A) utilizing our  Barrier Backed or Barrier Septum Composites.  Standard components are utilized to offer custom enclosures to meet your specific application.






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