BulletTrapUSA LLC began life as Product Development and Sales Corporation in 1983, Located in Farmington, CT.  Product Development was founded by Rick Lamothe to produce specialized endurance testing equipment for major manufacturers.bullett-logo

BulletTrap Sound Abatement Rooms come in a variety of sizes. The rooms are using Sound Seals BBC-13-2lb-2" Quilted Fiberglass absorber to line the peremiter of the room reducing the muzzle blast by more than half the room is also fire resistant, easy to set up and rugged enough to withstand the outdoor elements.

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* Sound Seal Industrial Noise Control Division Provides Noise Mitigation for the Delaware Aqueduct  
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* Sound Curtains at the World Trade Center Construction Site
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* Bullet Trap using sound curtains for sound abatement in indoor gun ranges
* Maximimum Security Prison using Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers to control sound 

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