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Sound Curtains are available in a barrier backed or barrier septum configuration utilizing a variety of quilted fiberglass absorbers and flexible noise barriers

Modular Sound Curtain Panels are fabricated with grommets at top (and bottom on outdoor applications) and velcro seals along each edge to form noise barrier walls, partial or complete enclosures for a variety of In-Plant or Outdoor applications.

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* Sound Seal Industrial Noise Control Division Provides Noise Mitigation for the Delaware Aqueduct  
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* Sound Curtains at the World Trade Center Construction Site
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* Bullet Trap using sound curtains for sound abatement in indoor gun ranges
* Maximimum Security Prison using Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers to control sound 

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Sound Seal has been manufacturing this line of flexible, Industrial grade noise control products since 1978.

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Curtain Enclosure Hushes Granulator

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Since 1978, Sound Seal has been manufacturing high quality flexible noise control products for Industrial, construction, community & OEM applications. Sound Seal's Industrial line includes;  Portable Acoustic Screens & Enclosures, Sound Absorbing Baffles, Wall & Ceiling Panels, Flexible noise barriers, Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lagging and Damping Compounds & Sheets. We can help with Construction Noise, Community Noise Abatement as well as achieving compliance with the 2007 New York City Noise Regulations.

Sound Seal has local distributors in every major market in the united States and Canada ready to offer solutions to your noise control problems.

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Acoustic Curtain Systems
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